reMade and reLive! Best Practices Manual


As our project aims to empower women’s access to employment through textile rewarding recycling crafts, we can summarise ways and practices and different approaches in reused and recycled textile material as the following:

 With the use of some strass, stamps, etc we can add a different style in clothes that are out of fashion to remake them modern

 Even some stained t-shirts with spots that do not come off, can be re- painted and used as new

 We can make gloves, scarfs and wool scarfs from old clothes

 Old fabrics and beads can be used for making of dolls for children or other toys

 Cutting into pieces of old clothes can be used as patches for other textiles creations, etc. curtains, tents, blankets, pillows

 Coloured old clothes can be used as decoration for photo albums and books

 Cutting into pieces of old clothes into rectangular squared pieces can be used for wrapping of gifts

 Materials like denim from old jeans , stuff from furniture fabrics, pieces of leather from old clothes and canvas can be used for making of modern bags (shoulders bags, handbags, envelopes, etc)

 Delicate materials like silk, velvet, leather, lace can be combined with silver, ivory and others, to create handmade jewelries like necklaces, bracelets and pericarps, brooches and scarf pins and other accessories’ like scarfs and foulards.

reMade and reLive! Best practices manual