A participatory exhibition for the festival

On the 28th of November, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary in Cologne and ourBibliothek der Alten project will be carried to the festival area; we are developing a participatory exhibition for the festival.


Titled as ABC of Migrant Women Association, we are narrating the association’s 10 year-long history and the struggles we experienced so far.

The exhibition, based on the projects that we carried out for 10 years, the activities that we’ve been organizing, the articles published in our magazine “Woman/Kadın” and most importantly our relationships with women, as well as the feeling of solidarity, aims to bring together Migrant Women’s Association’s view of life and areas of struggle by establishing aFemale Vocabulary.

ABC of Migrant Women’s Association: A Female Dictionary

Through short texts and images, we are bringing together the words in the migrant women’s agenda with the aim of presenting the political, economic, and socio-cultural world forced on women by a masculine language. We are planning to reopen this participatory exhibition in other German cities and also in other countries with a desire to engage with women from different geographies.


In a similar vein, we aspire to reach more women by publishing a book in three languages,Turkish, German and English. In addition to the texts and images from the exhibition, the book will also include notes and photographs from the preparation processes of the exhibition, visitor reviews from the festival area, and personal experiences of the women who participated in the project.

Finally, all these studies will be preserved and displayed in our Bibliothek der Alten project in the Frankfurt Historical Museum until 2105.

The association members living across Germany, while thinking about their last 10 years through a dictionary of A to Z, are defining the meanings of concepts, objects, emotions and even colors, and then visualizing them through photographs. This exhibition, which would eventually include 29 images in total, is developed by 200 women from 11 cities.

Please click here to get further information about our Bibliothek der Alten project.

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